Kreuzberg.The Wall.Friedrichshain

30 years of change along the Spree



“Who would have ever thought that this wall would fall one day? It divided not only one city and one people, but also the two biggest, highly weaponized super powers of the post-war era. The generation growing up with the Cold War probably believed more in the sun circling planet earth one day than in a Berlin without a wall…

And now 30 years have already passed since the Fall of the Wall… The few remaining fragments of stone remind us of our recent past. And so do the fragments in the heads of those who experienced the years before and after the Fall of the Wall.

Those memories should not be forgotten and therefore our project is dedicated to the eye-witnesses especially from the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Since 2019, we write down their personal stories that they kindly told us. But also our own stories, as all of us were witnesses of the drastic changes along the Spree within the last 30 years.

Every human being is unique, and so are our personal views on history and our experience of the new. Some narratives appear comical, others full of anger or melancholy. That’s what makes our project so diverse and interesting. We hope you enjoy it! (Text: Karola Walter)


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