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(In)Human Connection

Julia Steinigeweg / Malte Sänger
04. March – 21. April 2023

Artist Talk mit Julia Steinigeweg: Do., 23. März, 19.00 Uhr @Fotogalerie
Artist Talk mit Malte Sänger via InstagramLive: Mi., 29. März, 19.00 Uhr

This double exhibition deals with the disturbing relationship between humans and non-human beings. In a society that is increasingly interconnected, our experience of life is simultaneously becoming more and more dematerialized.

In her work EIN VERWIRRENDES POTENTIAL, Julia Steinigeweg addresses the relationship between humans and dolls. She portrays various people who live with anthropomorphic figures in order to overcome their loneliness.

In the series DAEMON, Malte Sänger sheds light on invisible forces that intervene in all areas of our lives. Like a spiritual being from Greek mythology, an ever-increasing algorithm directs our destiny. Using a special photographic technique, the artist makes visible the processes that otherwise take place in secret.

The exhibition is an official part of EMOP – European Month of Photography Berlin 2023.

More info about the works:

EMOP Berlin — European Month of Photography in Kooperation mit Kulturprojekte Berlin


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