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12 photo reportages from the Photocentrum Kreuzberg

Exhibition: February 09, 2024 – March 15, 2024

Opening: Thursday, February 08, 7 pm


The term “home” is ambivalent, contradictory and ambiguous. It can not be translated into all languages. There is also the expression “second home”, so there are several “homes”. “Home” is often understood as a place or area where you were born and grew up or where you live. For many people, this place never existed, they had to leave it or it was taken from them.

The graduates of the reportage photography class led by photojournalist Ann-Christine Jansson at the Photocentrum of the Gilberto-Bosques Adult Education Center Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg come from different countries, some from East and West Germany. For everyone, “home”, or “at home”, means something different. It is not only the place where you were born and grew up that is important, but also the emotional connection, from security to exclusion and repression. The works of the photo reporters show many aspects of how “homes”, or rather their respective homes, are experienced. The most diverse facets of people in their personal “homes” and current personal “homes” and current life situations.

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