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Fotogalerie Friedrichshain x analogueNOW!



SEPTEMBER 2, 2022 – OCTOBER 28, 2022


Either individual or collective, social or environmental, gradual or brutal, unexpected or chosen, a transition can be defined as a process of change, from a beforeness to an afterwards.

If the notion of transition is inherent in all forms of life, our present days seem to be characterized by an acceleration of history, so that some transitions once only observable with the distance of time now seem to be perceptible on the scale of a human’s lifetime. This exhibition is intended as a moment of deceleration, a breath necessary to think about recent and ongoing transitions.

The exhibition showcases analogue photography projects focused on narrating change, capturing development or decline, and witnessing or challenging the turn of events.


Click on their name to know more about our 18 artists:

Andy Mattern | Céline Pilch | Cristina Fontsare | Filippo Bardazzi
Fiona Howarth | Fred Johnsson | Fungi | Ilja Niederkirchner | Jette Held
Kate Schultze |
Ken Buslay | Kerstin Pfleger | Lorenz Kienzle | Mila Panic
Nanténé Traoré | Natalia Kepesz | Nuno Serrão | Theo Godmann



Interested in learning more about analogue photography? Join our Saturday’s workshops! All the info here.

Artist talks and guided tours will be announced soon. Stay tuned!


This exhibition is curated in collaboration with analogueNOW!
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