Youth Photography




Youth photography 2022

Exhibition  21 May – 08 July 2022


For the fifth time, Fotogalerie Friedrichshain is showing a selection photographic projects made by groups of young people in collaboration with Berlin schools, after a two-year break due to the pandemic. The exhibition was designed together with the young people.

In cooperation with:

Staatliche Gesamtschule Königs Wusterhausen, in collaboration with the initiative “Willkommen in KW”. Workshop with Céline Pilch, Teacher Michaela Lindovsky

Dathe-Gymnasium Friedrichshain. Workshop with Céline Pilch & Dominik Mészáros, Teacher Marie Steinmann

Kurt-Schwitters-Schule, Teacher Gabriela Vasquez Pacheco






New York Paradise Lost

Friday October 29th
4:00 pm: Presentation of the work of the 11th grade
Kurt Schwitters School from the workshop with Meryl Meisler
5:00 pm: Artist talk and discussion with Meryl Meisler on a double life
as an artist and teacher in public service (in ENGLISH)

Youth photography 2019

Exhibition 12 April – 03 May 2019

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Youth photography 2018

Exhibition 15 June – 29 June 2018


Photo workshop April 2017 “spring awakening – plants and animals in Berlin” with Montessori Grundschule am Rohrgarten

Youth photography 2017

Exhibition 19 May – 09 June 2017

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Portrait photography workshops in June 2016 at Fotogalerie Friedrichshain

Youth photography 2016

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