The Elephant in the Room

Energy transition at a dead end?

Exhibition: 20 January – 17 February 2023
Supporting program for the group exhibition:

Saturday, 04.02.2023, 15.00 h – Guided tour through the exhibition in English language
Let the photographers guide you through the exhibition.

Friday, 10.02.2023, 19.00 – How fragile can climate policy be?
Panel discussion with Karim Dillhöfer (Last Generation), Doris Fortwengel (Xberg klimaneutral e.V.), District Councillor Martin Schaefer (CDU), Tatiana Abazura (German Solar Energy Society), Sönke Nissen (GermanZero).

Saturday, 11.02.2023, 15.00 h – Guided tour through the exhibition in spanish language.Let the photographers guide you through the exhibition.

Friday, February 17, 2023, until 18.00 h – Finissage

The Photocentrum of the Gilberto Bosques Volkshochschule in Berlin Kreuzberg presents:

Tobias Kräntzer: Reanimation Christine Krause: Licht aus

Marco Leßner: Energiewende selbstgemacht 

Boris Mehl: Schwarzes Gold? Carolin Müller: Planty enough!

Gesine Riebe: Zurück zum Ursprung Fanny Sigler: Die Leben der Aktivisti

Luisa Solano Leon: Kreatives Recycling Lena Sophie Zeller: Das Stadtparadies

Foto: Fanny Sigler

Everyone is talking about the energy transition, but what is it actually? A transition  should be a positive change or development, but will everything really “change for the better”?
The graduates of the Photocentrum’s reportage class, under the guidance of photojournalist Ann-Christine Jansson, have dealt with this question photographically, of what each and every one of us can do to improve the situation. The result is a wide range of reports on urban gardening, the installation of solar panels on balconies, the transition from oil to pellet heating, building with clay, upcycling clothes and activists who have dedicated themselves to the fight for the preservation of our earth. The photos provide inspiration for one’s own actions, but also raise the question: “Does this achieve anything, or do we just soothe our conscience when we put up a solar panel?”
A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition. 


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