Ritual and Resistance in Colombia


Opening: Thursday, 03 September, 7 pm

Free guided tours through the exhibition in English and Spanish: to be announced soon

Participating Photographers:

Juan Arias, Pablo Chaco, Christian EscobarMora, Juan Pablo Marín, Carolina Navas, Karol Pico, Xochilan Rojas, Manuel Salinas, Ximena Vásquez, Juan David Velásquez, Mariana Vélez

Curated by: Lorena Díez und Óscar Ardila

The group exhibition presents the work of 11 Colombian photographers who have been working in the Pacific region in southwestern Colombia since 2014. In photographic series, they examine unique cultural practices, alternative forms of mediation, and participation in various social urban contexts and in rural isolated areas of the region.

Colombia’s Pacific region is a very narrow coastal area that includes a modern port, an isolated jungle in the foothills and some cities in the Andes southwest of the country. The Pacific region is considered a complex place where various global problems such as environmental pollution, exploitation of natural resources and drug trafficking collide with local cultural practices of the very diverse residents – mainly Afro-Colombians, indigenous people and farmers.

With their images, the photographers focus on various aspects related to the importance of diverse cultural practices of African heritage, the relationship of indigenous people in new contexts and the importance of nature in rural, urban and global contexts.

Focusing on delocalized urban realities, the photographers examine the lifestyles of different generations in isolated small towns in the Pacific region, where a kind of “global eclecticism” can be observed. The Pacific region is presented here as a metaphor for a “life in contradiction”. Despite social difficulties such as poverty, unemployment and crime, young people have created an identity full of hope and serenity through music, clothing, high-end cell phones, American brands and pop icons.

In addition, the exhibition documents various conflicts and realities between traditional local and global practices that juxtapose global economic interests (legal and illegal trade, natural resources, land ownership) and traditional ritual practices of Afro-Colombian and indigenous cultures regarding religion, shamanism and their relationship to nature.  

The group exhibition presents the current situation and an authentic picture of the Colombian Pacific region, which is hardly known in Germany. A focus will be on linking similar realities and initiatives in Berlin that work in the context of nature conservation, global action or traditional cultural practices. The works shown will form the basis for an interdisciplinary discourse on both contemporary historical and current issues.

Exhibition 04 September – 02 October 2020


Radio interview with the curators in Spanish / Entrevista con los coradores de la exposicion en espanol:

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