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Simon Menner

Visual culture of Surveillance systems

OPENING Thursday, 18 June, 7 – 10pm

GUIDED TOUR with Simon Menner

Saturday, 11 July,

a) 3pm (in German)
b) 4pm (in English) 
c) 5pm (in German)

(Maximum of 10 persons per appointment)

ARTIST TALK Thursday, 23 July, 7pm

Exhibition 11 June – 24 July 2020


Artist SIMON MENNER presents TOP SECRET images from the STASI archives to create an exhibition on the VISUAL CULTURE OF SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS – DIE FIRMA.

“Orwell’s Big Brother is watching us.”
He looks down on us. At the same time, however, what he sees remains hidden. Simon Menner’s project is based on the archive the GDR Ministry of State Security “involuntarily” left behind.

An interesting and unique collection of photographs and subtext.

Menner had the opportunity to search intensively in the Stasi archive for exactly the image culture that develops in secret acting. But he also wants to show his – failed – attempt to repeat this in the archive of the Secret Service of Western Germany – Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). Perhaps it is precisely the empty spaces that he inevitably has to present that are revealing and unmasking.

Simon Menner


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Saturday, October 3