(c) Peter Bauza; Eduarda, Copacabana Palace, 2016

Peter Bauza

  April 27 – June 8 2018

Opening: April 26, 7 pm

Photographer Peter Bauza will travel to Berlin for the opening

Music: Denise Emmermacher (Brasil, Voice & Piano)

For the first time in Berlin, Fotogalerie Friedrichshain presents the documentary series Copacabana Palace by Peter Bauza that won a World Press Photo Award 2017 in the category Contemporary Issues – Stories and a Visa d’Or Feature Award in Perpignan 2016.

Millions of people in Brazil live without secure housing. Government-backed social housing schemes, aimed at reducing an estimated shortage of 5.24 million homes in Brazil, have had limited impact. Some 300 families live in a neighborhood in Campo Grande, in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro, squatting in derelict apartment blocks: the remnants of a failed middle-class housing development of 30 years ago. Residents call the quarter ‘Jambalaya’, after a TV show, or sometimes ‘Copacabana Palace’ after a luxury hotel. Like many favelas and slums across the country, the quarter lacks basic infrastructure and living conditions are poor.

While Rio de Janeiro prepared for the Olympic Summer Games 2016 with huge investments, Peter Bauza lived with the people of Copacabana Palace for months, gained their confidence and created an authentic portrait of a society on the edge of survival.

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