Anna Szkoda, a.d.S. No Choice But Future, 2017

Distant Islands
Fotografien zum Brexit

2 – 16 March 2018

Opening: Thursday, 1st March, 7 pm

 Artist Talk on Brexit: Thursday, 8th March, 7 pm

A neologism, a revolt and its incalculable consequences: Brexit. Never before has a member state of the EU withdrawn from the Union, the aftermath of such a political shift cannot be foreseen. However, the sentiments of a country that has always felt both very close and very distant suddenly become tangible.

Fotogalerie Friedrichshain presents eight photographers and students of the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin with multifaceted and idiosyncratic visions of the recent and abstract political occurrence that is Brexit.

Uli Kaufmann engages with the everyday life of the English metropolis that moves on seemingly oblivious of all change, whilst Linus Müllerschön captures a dystopian vision of public space completely devoid of human life. Sebastian Wells and Miguel Brusch examine specific places: Wells pictures anecdotes from the former mining town of Wigan, now host to the highest percentage of ‘Leave’ voters in Greater Manchester; Brusch, on the other hand, approaches the coastal city of Blackpool, whose inhabitants drift between the amusement industry and decay. Lars Bösch presents a sober, accounting view of Manchester’s building projects that were realised with the help of EU aid money. Anna Szkoda confronts the viewer with portraits of the generation that wasn’t allowed to have a say in the vote for Brexit, but will be carrying its consequences, whilst Annemie Martin traces the current climate amongst the students at British universities. Bastian Thierry presents an empathetic and subjective impression of his own generation and the world they inhabit in his series “M1 1AA”.

The project was realized with support of the Klaus-Stemmler-Stiftung as well as Linn Schröder, Werner Mahler and Ludwig Rauch, lecturers at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie.


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