sentio hero


Childhood is passing by and stays forever

Ann Lofy Φ Eva von Schirach Φ Linn Schröder

August 24 – October 5

Opening: Thursday, 23 August 2018, 7pm

Music: RoKuLa (young brass trio)

The group exhibition presents 3 photographic approaches to childhood as a construction and as a fact:

Ann Lofy: Citykids…
.. take them and put them on the countryside then see what happens. Inside turns out. A psychological search for liveliness or simply the complicity of truth and pureness.

Eva von Schirach: Das werde ich dir büßen!
In the garden of childhood there is only you and me. The city was blown up by a meteorite. A giant has ripped the humans from the ruins and flung them into space. You bring me a rabbit. Because we like animals. We devour entire boars. Both of us are strong. The garden of childhood is completely just. If you don’t follow the rules, neither will I. In the garden of childhood, there is only you and me. Come. Stay. Hit me.

Linn Schröder: I think family pictures too

Family pictures are keepsakes. Yet a “family picture” may also be the mental picture we form of a family: the visualization before the mind’s eye of a web of emotional ties that lends expression to a certain idea of domestic community.


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