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1979 – 2019

Exhibition: 11 May – 28 June 2019

Harald Hauswald, Istanbul, July 1989

Tuesday, 28 May, 7 pm

Artist talk with Harald Hauswald about the exhibition

Friday, 28 June, 7pm

Closing of the exhibition in presence of the photographer

For the first time ever, Photographer and member of OSTKREUZ Agency Harald Hauswald opens his archives to present a selection of 40 years of photography abroad. Famous for his images of East Germany and East Berlin before the Fall of the Wall, Hauswald’s 65th birthday is a welcome occasion for us to present his view of the world during 40 years of travelling. For those familiar with his biography, it should be clear that the topic “Hauswald abroad” might involve curiosities regarding the circumstances of his travels before 1990. For instance, the title image above was taken in July 1989, just before the Fall of the Wall, when Hauswald illegally travelled to Turkey with a German passport, making the GDR authorities believe that he was visiting his parents in West Germany. Furthermore, the exhibition features images from travels to Soviet Union, China, USA, Romania, Spain and France, among others.


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